Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back to Work

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Well it looks like my little impromptu vacation is over. Last week I sent out letters to every place in the immediate area offering grooming services to see if anyone was hiring. Since I wasn't having any luck with the big places, I thought I'd take a shot at the smaller ones. Quite often in a salon you'll have a day or two where there's a whole in the schedule. So maybe these places don't really need another FULL time groomer, maybe they just need someone once or twice a week. Do the same thing for several salons and you've got yourself a real job right?

Well, as it turns out, there was at least one place looking for a groomer. Walnut Trace Animal Clinic, which is about a block away from where CC works, needs a groomer. I sent the letters out Monday, they called me Friday. I went in for the interview, filled out the paperwork, and got the "welcome aboard" before I left.

So when do I start? The 29th. I find that a bit ironic actually. You see, that's the week, three years ago, that I started at Petco.

This new place, it's not as big obviously. And I'll pretty much be the entire grooming staff. Just me. No bathers, no other groomers to share with. There is one other groomer there now but we won't be working at the same time and as I understand it, she's on her way out. She wants less hours.

So there you go. All of you who were worried about me not having a job, you can stop worrying. Come Monday morning I'll be back at it, shaving dog butts. Cat butts too in fact so I guess you could say I'm expanding :-)

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