Thursday, November 06, 2008

I LOVE This Game!

It usually seems like everyone around you is insane, but maybe it's just you. Opportunity's door may just lead to more killer robots.
Which Classic Arcade Game Are You?

Yeah, about that election . . .

Ok, so what are my thoughts about this election we had?

1. The press really is in the tank for the Democrat party (with only a very small handful of exceptions). I guess it makes for better ratings.

2. In a few months we'll have a black president. Can anyone honestly call us a racist country at this point? Some folks will need to re-think their position.

3. Thank goodness, no more wall-to-wall election coverage complete with the usual asides about how the Republicans are evil and somehow caused the worldwide collapse of the financial markets even though they haven't had a majority in Congress in years and the president really doesn't have much influence over those things.

4. What will comedians do for a punchline now that they're unable to fall back on a. Bush being stupid or b. Cheney being evil? They were pretty lame jokes anyway.

5. Could have been worse. Could have been Hillary :-)

6. They better not mess with Obama while he's President. I do NOT want to have President Joe Biden damnit!

7. Since Bush was the cause of every major problem in the world, from global warming to oil shortages to Russian expansion, does that mean in January all those problems will end?

8. Tina Fey did a pretty good Sarah Palin impersonation. Will she now don black-face and wig and try Michelle Obama?

9. Well, that's one way to get Biden out of the Senate.

10. No more damn election commercials! WOO HOO!

11. Oh dear, all those Democrats who fled to Canada and France during the Bush years will suddenly be flooding the borders coming back once he's gone. Will we have enough available jobs to handle all that extra labor? I mean, what with Starbucks closing so many locations, where will all those art and humanities majors get jobs?

12. Next time around, CC will be legal to vote. She'll be a citizen of this crazy place we call the USA. How cool is that? :-)

File this under I for Irony

Currently Reading: Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

You've all seen the way my wife eats right? You know she has a fairly average filipino diet which means LOTS of pork and LOTS of fat. She eats the skin off the chicken. She eats the skin off MY chicken. She likes to get KFC and crunch that batter.

Me, on the other hand, I trim the meat extra lean. I don't like fat. I eat pork, sure, but not that often because it gives me gas. I don't eat the skin off MY chicken let alone off anyone else's chicken. And when I go to KFC, even though I love the taste of those 11 herbs and spices, I still take off the skin.

This being how things are, how come MY triglycerides are elevated into the bacon area and HERS are just fine? That's just wrong. I'm on my feet 6 hours a day and usually in motion for at least 4 of those hours. My weight is holding nicely around the 130 mark and rarely pushes close to 135. In fact it's more likely to dip down to 125 instead. My waistline has only gone up an inch, maybe an inch and a half since college. And I'm the one with the one month supply of Lipofen to get the bacon out of my blood.

Genetics. The one area where it really IS ok to blame your parents. :-)

It Could Be Worse I Suppose . . .

Currently Reading: Love In The Time Of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Well, here we are. Election day has come and gone and now the dust is settling and we're all starting to get back to work.

Fall is a great time of year. Generally I have the most sinus/allergy attacks during spring and fall but the weather is great and the fall and spring colors are a nice change from the wash of green in the summer and gray in the winter. CC and I often travel this time of year, before the prices go up. Of course, since we did all our traveling over the summer, we'll be staying home to enjoy things locally.

Over at the salon you can tell it's fall. We're starting to see the regulars come back in more often. More rain this time of year means more muddy lawns. Cooler temperatures make the grass go dormant which adds to those muddy patches. Walk outside and chances are you're crunching leaves and little twigs. Ideal conditions for groomers. Dogs get messy. Their hair gets all tangled up. They'll need to be cleaned up :-)

It's certainly a lot better than it has been the past few weeks in the salon. Actually the whole store has been depressing. People haven't been out shopping nearly as much; they aren't even browsing. On the weekends, when we usually have a crushing load of work, we've been spending far too much time cleaning and re-cleaning or reading or just sitting there staring out the window.

Good to have work again :-)