Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Update

Currently Reading: Empire by Orson Scott Card

So here we are now at the end of March. I see from my last post that it's been just over a month. I'd LIKE to say there were lots of good reasons why I haven't posted since then and that it's been one HUGE adventure filled with great stories. If I said that I'd be lying though. The truth is just a LOT less interesting.

So, what HAVE I been doing? Well, CC and I have done enough in the past month to add up to one blog entry. Sad, but true, we're not doing as many interesting things. Most weekends we've been out shopping for things for the apartment. Over on CC's Facebook page she's posted the results. Took us quite a while to find all the little pieces but everything finally pulled together and now our living room and dining room are quite peaceful, especially when the weather's nice and we can open the place up.

Also, I'm no longer working at two salons. I've decided to concentrate on just one instead. You see, at the salon up the road in Brentwood, the one I first signed on to, they just don't have enough work for me. At one point I was doing maybe 5 dogs spread out over two weeks. Ouch! I'd get more than that in just one day where I am currently. And as much as I had hoped for a boost in business, it never came. So now I'm working the whole week at Carothers Parkway Veterinary Clinic. On the whole, it's a better fit.

On the entertainment front, we DID manage to visit the Frist Center For Visual Arts here in Nashville to see two exhibits they have running at the moment. One is a collection of art called "Masterpieces of European Painting from Museo de Arte de Ponce." Lots of great pieces there. I actually got to use a little bit of that Art History class I took in college.

In the other gallery they have "Heroes: Mortals and Myths in Ancient Greece" which covers what the name says. They focus on the representation of heroes in various forms of artwork in Ancient Greece. Mostly it's sculpture and pottery. Very interesting and there was a hands-on area as well (mostly set up for kids but we had fun there too).

What was really cool about both of these was a little feature CC found on the Frist website. They let you download the audio for the tour in mp3 format so you can put it on your own player and bring it with you. So long as you bring your player and phones, you can do the guided tour for free and it really does make a difference. You get all sorts of information that's not in the guide books and since it's an art museum and not an art CLASS, they don't post in depth descriptions of everything for you to read. Yes, each piece DOES have at least a paragraph about where it came from or some interesting aspect of its history but that's about it. Having the audio tour made it MUCH more enjoyable.

Our latest adventure we just finished. My parents came up from Memphis on Saturday and we went to see the Detroit Red Wings play the Nashville Predators. I've got a few photos from that game. It really was exciting though I must say I would have preferred a happier ending. The Preds lost in the shoot-out after overtime. The games are SO much more fun when you're watching them live. Yes, they are plenty action-packed on TV but there's just no substitute for being in the stands with all of the other screaming fans watching the game.

You can see pics from the game here.